moving.drawing is the generative art practice of Cezar Mocan. All works in this store are created using code – Javascript with the canvas-sketch library –, and printed using an Axidraw V3 pen plotter. Given the highly mechanical nature of pen plotting, no two prints are identical, even if they are created from the same digital file – factors such as paper texture, pen wear or ink levels introduce slight variations in each piece.

Shipping and Returns

I am based in Brooklyn, but ship internationally, using regular mail (USPS) with a tracking number. All works are sealed in a waterproof bag, padded with corrugated cardboard to ensure they do not bend in transit, and shipped in a flat envelope. Please contact me if the print is damaged upon arrival and I will issue you a full refund or send you a new one.


All pieces are made using archival quality paper and ink. However, direct sun exposure might shorten a print's lifespan, so I recommend avoiding it. Framing prints using UV protected and reflective coated glass will also help.

What is a pen plotter? What is generative art?

In short, a pen plotter is a 2-axis robotic arm which can be programmed to draw vector graphics with a pen on paper – you can see a demo of the exact model I use here.

Generative art is rooted in the idea that artworks can be the result of a process or set of rules, rather than completely composed by the artist. As a consequence, the main challenge in creating a generative piece lies in coming up with an interesting algorithm or system. The execution of this algorithm, whether performed by a human or a computer, turns the given rules into a visual composition.

Get in touch

For any questions and inquiries, you can reach me via email, at c@cezar.io.